Top Reviews Drive Business and Online Sales

Want to get more customers in the door or or online? Focus on these 5 critical areas and your business will thrive.

  1. Make Quality Paramount
  2. Create a Killer Profile
  3. Get Glowing reviews
  4. Get LOTS of those Reviews
  5. Respond Right Away

Top Notch Quality: Quality matters.  Offer your customers quality products at a reasonable price and you will get those reviews you need.  Skimp on quality and your business will suffer.  Strive to bring quality to everything you do.  When writing an article or publishing a newsletter, focus on infusing your writing with quality content.  Give your readers a tidbit they can’t get elsewhere and they will be back for more.  When I sold used clothing on Ebay, I always included a freebie pair of handmade earrings or a free lip gloss I handcrafted for craft shows.  An unexpected gift will make a customer feel appreciated.  In this online world, it often seems like businesses don’t care about their customers unless they are placing huge orders.  Make customers feel valued and appreciated and your business will reap the rewards.


Get Noticed with a Great Profile: Just like online dating, you are looking to draw your customers in with your charm and your stories.  In online dating, this profile includes adding lots of photos, mentioning your interests, your hobbies, the movies that changed your life, your favorite band, and even your pets.  Go ahead and claim your business profile on Yelp, post your store hours, website, upload several photos, offer information about your business and products.  Let customers know what you are about and they will be pulled in to your story and rooting for your business.


Get Glowing reviews:

Go ahead and boldly ask customers to review your business online.  Tell them you would appreciate them posting a review on Facebook or Google.  Add a note, send an email, or simply ask for them to leave a review when you deliver your products.  Increase the number of reviews and you will boost your page authority.


Get A Lot of Reviews

Numbers are very powerful.  Does your business have 1 review or 100? The sheer number of business reviews you have is an indication of how well your business is doing.  A thriving business needs lots of reviews to show that is growing and active.  Start with a specific goal.  Get clear on your intention.  Say you want to add two reviews a week.  Reach out to past customers and make it easy for them to leave you feedback.

Respond Right Away

Once a customer leaves feedback, respond right away.  Thank them for taking the time to post feedback and let them know how much you appreciate their business.  This matters to customers.  So many businesses seem impersonal so go the extra step and let customers know they’re valued.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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