How Much Should You Pay For a Blog Post?

Try Craigslist

How much does it cost to get great content for your blog? True, you can always write your own blog posts for free.  It’s nice to have other options when you don’t feel like cranking out the content yourself.  I recommend Craigslist for connecting with local writers hungry for work and cash.  You can spend $5 to post a job on Craigslist under gigs, part-time, or writing jobs.  Here is one idea:pexels-photo-261949.jpeg

Content Writers Wanted for Juicy Blog Posts

We’re looking for a wordsmith capable of producing 4-5 articles of 1,000 words weekly.  Must be familiar with SEO, HTML, and keywords.  Are you laser focused on writing cutting edge content? We need you! Respond to this ad with two writing samples and a sample post on: How to Update Your Kitchen For Less Than $1,000. Send us a copy of your resume.  We pay $25 for each approved blog post via PayPal within 24 hours of approval.  Message for details.

Know How Much You’re Willing to Pay for Quality Content


Some writers will be offended if your price is too low.  They will tell you they are a professional freelancer and cannot accept anything less than $50 or $100 for your type of article.  No problem.  Thank the writer for their time and move on.  Your inbox will be flooded with messages from local writers who will gladly work at that rate.

Other Content Sources

Not interested in all the sketchy people on Craigslist? There are websites such as Constant Content, Textbroker and Freelancer where you can get content for your blog.  These sites act as the middleman between you and the writers.  Simply state what you need and they handle the rest.  This is especially helpful if you need a high volume of content for your website.

pexels-photo-590493.jpegHow to Sell Content and Make a Profit

Want some extra cash? There are business owners who need content for their blogs.  If you can find local businesses and let them know about your content creation ideas/packages, you can create a thriving business.  Charge the business owner $50 for each blog article you produce.  Find a writer to create the content and pay the writer $10 for the exclusive rights to the article.  Make sure they understand that you want all rights so they cannot resell the piece to someone else.  You’re now officially in business.

This is how I got into the review business.  A friend offered me $20 for each review I got for his business.  He wanted 20 reviews for the month at a rate of $20 each.  Same for the following month.  I could see the dollars dangling before my eyes and I needed that money.  I was working part-time as a tax preparer and was only scheduled to work 16 hours that week.  I had spent the past year, and all my savings, remodeling a house I purchased at a tax auction.  I had racked up credit card debt buying supplies and my boyfriend left his job as a Business Analyst the year before.  He was out of work for an entire year and struggling with major depression.  So that $800 my friend offered definitely got my attention.


I called my friend Cathy to share the good news.  Only she was not keen on the idea of writing the reviews.  “That just strikes me as wrong,” was how she put it when I asked her to help me with the business.  I was surprised by her reaction.  Didn’t she understand all those glowing Amazon reviews online were fakes?I ought to know.  I had written a five star review for a wine chiller and got the product free from the seller plus a few dollars for my review.  That wine chiller was total garbage.  No one needed that product, certainly not me.  It sat unused in my freezer for years.  Definitely not an essential household item.  I knew exactly how Amazon sellers got those reviews.  There were people out there collecting money and getting free merchandise for offering their feedback, so long as it made the seller look good.

pexels-photo-704988.jpegSo I had no qualms about turning to Craigslist to find local writers to produce reviews.  Business was booming.  As soon as I put the ad on Craigslist, my inbox exploded with writers looking for work.  I had to revise my initial plan.  Early on, one of the first writers contacted me and I asked him to do 20 reviews per month.  I did not realize Google punished you for having multiple reviews from the same IP address.  This writer posted 20 reviews within 24 hours and some of the names he created were laughable.  Nimrod Waver was one of the names he used.  What? I felt sick looking at those reviews. There were no profile pictures next to the names.  They looked fake and sounded even worse.  Brothers and sisters posting reviews.  A wife returning from a three year trip to Africa and so on.  I don’t know where this writer got his material.  I emailed him and told him I would be happy to pay him as soon as he removed the reviews.  Yes, i paid him NOT to post the reviews.

After that incident, I revised my Craigslist strategy.  I would only allow 1 review per IP address and moved my target to other areas of the country even though it cost me more for the reviews and cut into my personal profit a bit.  For tips on getting more reviews click here.


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