Is this Bitcoin Investment legit?

If you know me at all, you already know I’ve been searching for the perfect work-at-home gig for quite a while now.  So, when my tax preparer friend Erick started telling me about his upcoming Bitcoin product launch, I was interested.  I watched every available YouTube video on Kryptogenix, the product he was studying.  There were only a few teaser videos available at the time because the product launch was still a month or more away.  And what did I really know about actual Bitcoin investing? All I had was hype.  Some guy named Bitcoin Brandon in California had done really well with his investments.  Erick had doubled his initial $1,000 investment and his friend Ronnie had made $50,000.  But what did that mean for me?


What was this BitCoin business?

Erick wanted to know what I was waiting for but I still had doubts about this BitCoin venture.  How did I know it was going to work? How much did I need to get started investing? Yes, I went to the pre-launch party at Ronnie’s house.  There were only four or five of us there.  Five if you count Ronnie’s wife.  One guy already owned several BitCoins and was looking to reinvest them.  The rest of us who showed up consisted of my boss at the tax office and her husband.  I think mainly they went for the barbecue.

Here’s what Erick told us in advance: Have $1,000 set aside to invest in BitCoin April 1st when it launched.  What $1,000? He obviously didn’t know that all my money was tied up in my house remodel.  Last year, I bought a house at a tax auction.  I had driven by the house and walked around the outside before bidding but I had never stepped inside the house.  I could smell the stale nicotine oozing from the inside but I didn’t know the previous owners had left the bathtub running and gone out of town.  I didn’t know what the scope of the repairs involved.  I know, I know.  My family and my boyfriend have told me that I made a mistake.    Repeatedly.  My boyfriend has gotten so overwhelmed by the repairs that he decided to leave and drive out to Denver to pursue a job.  Along the way, somewhere near Kentucky, his stepdad called to say his mom passed away and he had to turn around and drive to Maryland for the funeral.  We live in North Carolina, by the way.  In the end, he came back to Gastonia and has been helping out with the latest part of our project, tiling  the dining room.  We’ve already replaced the floor joists in all but one room and are now headed toward the home stretch of putting each room back together.  So we have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this renovation.  I had originally considered renting out the house once we finished but now I am staring to like it.  We laid the hardwood flooring in the master bedroom.  We painted those yellow stained ceilings.  It is becoming our home.  So do I have the $1000 for this Bitcoin venture?

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