How to Create Content for Your Blog

What’s the key to getting more eyeballs on your blog? Super fresh content drives traffic to your site.  You want content that is well-written, easy to read and will engage your readers.  Shoot to publish fresh content at least once a week because your readers will be hungry for new content.  Give the readers what they want and they will come back for more.  Make your content engaging and offer useful information.

pexels-photo-952594.jpegBelieve In Yourself

When you’re first getting started, it’s easy to give in to the anxiety and fear.  What if no one cares about what I have to say? What if people just don’t get it? Do not let anyone talk you out of believing in your dreams and going for it.  Know that it is possible to create a full-time income from your blog.  It may fee overwhelming but you cannot let that hold you back.


Here are a few easy tips for content writing:

Keep Each Blog Post Under 1,000 Words

We’re all guilty of trying to multi-task and the readers of your blog are likely doing at least two things at once.  Maybe they are making a phone call and reading your article online at the same time.  Maybe they’re sitting in a sales meeting and checking their emails and checking out your website.  The bottom line is readers are skimming the article and looking for relevant info.  Make it easy for them to extract the valuable nuggets you offer.

There is lots of content out there on the web.  Make sure the content you offer is engaging.


Know Your Keywords

Keywords are magical.  They ensure that your blog is found in online searches.  Do your homework when it comes to keywords and know which tags your readers are looking for.  Don’t sacrifice quality just to boost SEO.  Use SEO to drive traffic to your site and add your keywords in once you’ve crafted your articles.  Avoid overstuffing keywords into blog posts to boost SEO.  It sounds spammy and your articles will lack “flow.”


Read The Comments and Learn From Them

Read the comments readers leave on your blog and see which ideas spark the most readers and get the highest number of comments.  Look at the comments and see what readers are talking about and what they want more of.  There are clues all around you.  Maybe your blog post is getting negative feedback.  Readers can’t relate or don’t care about a certain topic.  No problem.  Next time you know what NOT to write about.  Lots of times, there are gems hidden in the Comments section.  It is your duty as a blogger and writer to uncover your next post ideas.

Share your content online and add links to social media.  Get people talking so you can see what readers are looking for.

As the number of writers grow easily online, so do the number of conversations. The internet provides people a platform for engagement. Since then, points are raised and other ideas are launched for discussion by readers through feedback. The takeaway here is the exchange of information that can lead to more ideas for content.

Capture your audience with compelling ideas and share your content. Content writing for websites is compatible with social media. This will let more people reach your content.


You Are An Expert

You may not know about everything that’s going on in the world but you are an expert in at least one field.  It might be politics or Pier One decor, but there is definitely at least one area that you are passionate about.  Take your knowledge and share it with others.  Enthusiasm is contagious and once others see how focused you are on your niche, your audience will start growing.  Remember, it is possible to turn blogging into a career that you love.  Keep believing in yourself and your dreams and focus on making forward movement each day.


Why Reviews are Critical

You know how important SEO is for your website but do you know how valuable reviews are? My friend Kris, owner of  recently got a one star review on google.  A nasty one star review based on one person’s poor opinion of the business.  Even though the review was unfair and undeserved, there it was, right at the top when you googled Kris’ business.


So anyone else who happened to be checking out reviews for Cabinet Doors for Less was likely to read that review and form an opinion from that person’s negative review.  What do you do when you get a bad review.  There are two options.  First, you can reach out to the person who left the review and ask that they remove it and offer a solution.  They are upset about what they believed happened (or didn’t happen) with their order/service.  So that person took the time to lash out and post that negative feedback.

If you can’t get the person to retract their review, the next option is to bury that one bad review with lots of positive four and five star reviews.  That’s where our freelance writers come in.  We have some of the best writers and reviewers in the business who can use their writing skills to portray your business in a positive light.  Let our team of freelancers get your business noticed online.

Top Reviews Drive Business and Online Sales

Want to get more customers in the door or or online? Focus on these 5 critical areas and your business will thrive.

  1. Make Quality Paramount
  2. Create a Killer Profile
  3. Get Glowing reviews
  4. Get LOTS of those Reviews
  5. Respond Right Away

Top Notch Quality: Quality matters.  Offer your customers quality products at a reasonable price and you will get those reviews you need.  Skimp on quality and your business will suffer.  Strive to bring quality to everything you do.  When writing an article or publishing a newsletter, focus on infusing your writing with quality content.  Give your readers a tidbit they can’t get elsewhere and they will be back for more.  When I sold used clothing on Ebay, I always included a freebie pair of handmade earrings or a free lip gloss I handcrafted for craft shows.  An unexpected gift will make a customer feel appreciated.  In this online world, it often seems like businesses don’t care about their customers unless they are placing huge orders.  Make customers feel valued and appreciated and your business will reap the rewards.


Get Noticed with a Great Profile: Just like online dating, you are looking to draw your customers in with your charm and your stories.  In online dating, this profile includes adding lots of photos, mentioning your interests, your hobbies, the movies that changed your life, your favorite band, and even your pets.  Go ahead and claim your business profile on Yelp, post your store hours, website, upload several photos, offer information about your business and products.  Let customers know what you are about and they will be pulled in to your story and rooting for your business.


Get Glowing reviews:

Go ahead and boldly ask customers to review your business online.  Tell them you would appreciate them posting a review on Facebook or Google.  Add a note, send an email, or simply ask for them to leave a review when you deliver your products.  Increase the number of reviews and you will boost your page authority.


Get A Lot of Reviews

Numbers are very powerful.  Does your business have 1 review or 100? The sheer number of business reviews you have is an indication of how well your business is doing.  A thriving business needs lots of reviews to show that is growing and active.  Start with a specific goal.  Get clear on your intention.  Say you want to add two reviews a week.  Reach out to past customers and make it easy for them to leave you feedback.

Respond Right Away

Once a customer leaves feedback, respond right away.  Thank them for taking the time to post feedback and let them know how much you appreciate their business.  This matters to customers.  So many businesses seem impersonal so go the extra step and let customers know they’re valued.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton